What you’ll do

As the proverb says “Nada (Kobe) sake for men, Fushimi (Kyoto) sake for women”, Nada’s sake is influenced by mineral rich water and it is characterized by its dry taste. We will enjoy more than 20 varieties of sake in 3 hours. The guide will be familiar with Nada area and sake, and will provide a friendly atmosphere. You will be informed about the history of sake, customs, brewing methods and how to enjoy snacks that go well with the alcohol. Enjoy different types of sakes depending on the season you visit. Let’s learn and go on an adventure deep into the sake world.


Meet up in front of the ticket gate of Ishiyagawa station on Hanshin Line.
1st brewery
With a 250 year old history, this is one of the smallest brewery in Nada area. The production volume is as small as 40,000 bottles of 1.8 L each per year. They are a high-quality brand that is famous all over Japan, even though the production scale is small. We will taste unpasteurized-sake, which can only enjoyed in Japan.

*Please note that this brewery is closed on weekends, but we will arrange to visit another brewery.

2nd brewery
Established in 1751, the liquor store owner is a 13th generation. There is a full-fledged and rich variety of Japanese sake, including “Junmai Ginjo” that was served 5 times at the Nobel Prize banquet. In the souvenir corner, there are abundant items such as snacks, deep-fried rice, and soup. We recommend that you purchase souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones. Optionally, there is a paid tasting counter, and you can enjoy popular sake 300 yen per cup and the highest class drip-pressed sake for about 1,500 yen per 45ml cup.
3rd brewery
The biggest brewery in Japan! You will walk along huge sake tank, and get into sake museum. Let’s wear happi, half size Japanese cloth, take photo for memory.
4th brewery
*Except for Monday. On Monday we’ll visit other sake bar.
With 63 years of experience, the final and last brewery that we will visit features a sake master who’s become a symbol to this brewery. While making traditional, high quality sake, it’s also taking a new innovative and creative route. For example, they produce sake using Whiskey production methods, by utilizing American Oak. Using Sherry wine barrels imported from France, this brewery ages the sake with it. They also came up with the idea of mixing sake and Chardonnay, giving this new beverage a very refreshing twist. It will change the way you see sake. This is also optional, there is a paid tasting counter where you can enjoy small cheese platter from top dairy cattle raised in Mt. Rokko.

*Please note that this brewery is closed on Mondays, but we will arrange to visit another brewery.

Finish at Uozaki station on Hanshin Line.